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Pushing Towards Renewables; It’s Green Friday!

With every ‘Green Friday’ post comes informational dialogue on how to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy usage, and save money in the longterm by adopting more efficient appliances/utilities. However, in this week’s post, I want to highlight some ways our city is working to move towards a renewable energy future that you may not have heard of. Read on to learn how San Diego is making moves to transfer towards 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Reported by and the Community Choice Energy website, the San Diego City Council just approved Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s proposal creating a new public entity designed towards bringing cheaper and cleaner energy to San Diego’s residents. On behalf of residents, Community Choice Energy (CCE) will purchase electricity from renewable energy providers, helping both drive down cost by inciting competitive pricing versus SDG&E and ensure that customers and businesses are supplied with energy coming from solar, wind, and other renewable methods.

As such, CCE aims to provide local control over where energy comes from while supporting local energy producers/fostering expansion of clean energy production and jobs. By localizing energy production and supporting local energy producers, CCE will provide consumers with an additional, competitive choice for their energy supplier, as SDG&E currently monopolizes the market. Furthering the theme of supporting local communities, this strategy aims to promote the cultivation of new partnerships throughout the power and labor sectors in order to provide local workers with more renewable energy training, employment, and apprenticeship opportunities.

With the adoption, support, and implementation of CCE plans, it is projected that San Diego carbon emissions would be reduced by 2.8 billion pounds in the first year of implementation; about equal to removing almost 270,000 cars from our roads or planting 33 million trees in San Diego. This trend would continue at this rate or increase in carbon emission elimination as time goes on.

With the hefty goal of making San Diego’s energy come from 100% renewable resources by 2035, this plan will jettison our community towards this greener and cleaner future. Though it will take several years to help realize the goals of CCE, current projections suggest renewable power will start being delivered by this program by 2021.

Putting power at the fingertips of the people and Living Green. A cleaner and more renewable future awaits! Click here to read more about Community Choice Energy, learn how you can get involved in community discussions and events, and how this initiative was researched and developed.

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