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Loving Where We Live in San Diego

It is difficult not to fall in love with everything about and around San Diego. We have a diverse city with a rich culture, amazing culinary delights, gorgeous weather, and some of the friendliest people in the country. In today’s post, and in following posts that will alternate with future Green Fridays, I am going to share all the little things that make San Diego great, events happening in SD that aren’t included in Out and About posts, and tips/advice for making the most of our wonderful city.

All Smiles in San Diego

Confirming what we already knew, San Diego was just ranked as the friendly place in a list of US cities. In a survey conducted by OfferUp, a marketplace service app, those queried reported that their satisfaction was rooted in their interactions with neighbors and a sense of community. These connections transcended political boundaries and helped create meaningful bonds that pushed San Diego to the top of the list, 5 points above the national average. Read more here.

Selling Your Home 101 for Vets

Selling your home is already a stressful process. On top of work and other distractions that come with life, you are probably thinking about who will help me get the most out of my home, will I lose any money, and will they understand and be respectful of where I am coming from being a member or veteran of the military? As a certified Military Relocation Professional, I’m fully invested in making sure you have the least stressful and most positive home selling experience possible. However, my work does not end with simply helping you sell your home. I want you to be comfortable moving through life to wherever you move and know how to find others that will approach your questions and needs with respect and sound guidance. Read more here about how to ask the correct questions that will guarantee your realtor is your perfect match and can play a supportive role throughout your relocation process.

Naval History Preserved through Re-purposing

Turning back time to the roaring 20s, Naval Training Center San Diego (now known as Liberty Station) was the seat for new naval recruits to acquaint themselves with our city and their new roles in our navy. Following WWII, Naval Training Center SD saw itself evolve into what we are familiar with today, a center for San Diegans to share their art, history, food, and wares with the greater public. What was once host to green naval recruits is now home to a walkable and fun historic center with plenty of things to do whether that means catching a movie, going out to eat with friends and family, or enjoying the art that brings life to this location. Read more on how the evolution of Liberty Station has preserved this historical place here and more about Liberty Station amenities here.

Love where you live in San Diego and make sure to catch this series of posts, along with Green Friday posts, every week.

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