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🌿Looking for a Natural Way to Live Your Best Life? Visit March And Ash💚

Marijuana: it’s a loaded word for some; peaceful word for others. Whether you grew up in the era of Reefer Madness, hitchhiked your way to Woodstock, or raised in the new millennium – cannabis is getting a new rap thanks to dedicated research and education on the plant. In this installment of Living Long San Diego, I’m visiting a local high-end dispensary – March and Ash. A licensed purveyor of all things cannabis in Mission Valley, March and Ash provide a safe, comfortable space for customers to learn about this beneficial plant with guidance from their knowledgeable staff.  I’ll be your guide as we explore everything that March and Ash have to offer to enhance your wellbeing!

Once seen as a social taboo, marijuana use is gaining attention for it’s healing properties and ability to improve a variety of medical conditions.  I caught up with Spencer, Community Outreach Manager, to discover what makes this company unique among other dispensaries. Their strong emphasis on education while battling misconceptions and misinformation, March and Ash endeavors to educate the masses on responsible use and the best methods of application for specific individual needs.

It’s not just their emphasis on education that makes them different; the space they’ve created instantly makes you feel comfortable and at ease like you’re browsing the shelves and glass cases of a boutique department store.  Modern graphics, curated light fixtures, and an inviting open space creates a contemporary ambiance that’s anything but sketchy.  Products range from flower, edibles, tinctures, drinks, and concentrate.

An entire section at March and Ash is devoted to CBD oil’s therapeutic benefits.  Patients with cancer, chronic pain, and a variety of illnesses can visit this section of the store to retain their confidence and privacy while they shop for this healing medicine.  And of course, March and Ash’s knowledgeable staff are always there to provide direction and advice for new customers who have lots of hand-picked options available.

With the company’s owners born and raised in San Diego, our city was the perfect place to put down roots.  After all, San Diego is a community willing to embrace alternative and innovative products! This sense of strong community is what keeps March and Ash going.  It’s also what moved them to partner with a local organization, The Animal Pad, by donating veterinary grade CBD products to shelter animals to ease their ailments and fears.  When everyone in the community feels better—animal members included—we can create a strong sense of unity that will help our city grow and thrive.

Whether you’re curious about the benefits, have discerning tastes, or are a longtime user of cannabis, March and Ash is the dispensary to check out in San Diego.  Take a gander at their website to browse their products in advance, and be sure to visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information!



Phone: (619) 314-7336

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