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Electrify Your Home Savings with the Sun!

Out of the ‘June Gloom’ and into the summer sun! Here is another edition of my series with posts with tips on how to reduce our carbon footprint, beginning with our homes, and also save ourselves some long-term stress on our wallets. As a Green Designation realtor, I want to make sure you are getting the best guidance on how you can integrate more ‘green’ technology into your San Diego living, specifically with solar!

In addition to soaking up some Vitamin D, you may want to consider jumping on harnessing the power of the sun to drain your electricity bills in the future. Shared from the National Association of Realtors ‘if you considered solar panels for your house but were deterred by the cost, it’s time to take a second look. Solar costs have dropped significantly and in some cases, there’s no upfront cost. A Federal tax credit of up to 30%, good through December 31, 2019, just sweetens the deal. Plus, solar panels could help you sell your house faster and for more money.’

Already halfway through the calendar year, it’s time to soak up Federal tax credits on solar panels before this opportunity fades away.

To read more about solar panels, reductions in their prices, and some myth-busting facts, follow this link (GCH_Solar) to an informational solar PDF. For more reading on solar costs/payback, read more at EnergySage. Additional information on whether your roof is suitable for solar and technical reports on how solar can boost property values can be found through Google’s ‘Project Sunroof’ and, respectively.

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